The corresponding drop downs have some very good information about our organization. This page will be a brief overview about the documents that can be downloaded.

Annual Report

The annual report outlines the organization. The annual report will be updated very soon. Our current report that is up now if from 2011. It outlines our history, founder, board of directors and the overall operation of the business. Take sometime to read and learn more about our organization.

Organization Tri – Fold

As a nonprofit 501c3 organization, BTC Building Brighter Futures relies on support and donations from the community, private companies and other public service organizations to turn our Mission into a reality for the citizens that need our services the most. Support may come through serving in our classrooms or training programs, as a board member, or simply through a monetary donation your support is needed and very much appreciated. Learn more about ways to help

New Beginnings Tri – Fold  

The New Beginnings Program (NBP) is a 12-week skills development and behavior modification program. Its primary objective is to assist individuals whose lives have been fragmented by some forms of social and psychological events to regain relative wholeness that would potentially lead to a more balanced and productive living. Estimate the company’s total monthly fixed manufacturing overhead cost