BTC has a wide variety of services that can be offered to help you build a brighter future. Below is brief summary about our services. In the menu above you can click for more information.

One Stop Shop

We offer 6 main categories of services such as career services, life skills enhancement, entrepreneur resources, social services, institutional support services and education & business services.

Auto Purchase Program

BTC NO 3 C’s Honor Based Program – No Credit, No Collateral, No Character References Based on an honor system in which one fully discloses their current financial situation and demonstrates their ability to pay, BTC will finance you based on what you can pay. This includes the down payment and monthly payments including a low interest rate and full coverage insurance payment. All vehicles are equipped with option tracking and GPS locator systems.

Cars for Sale

We have a wide variety of cars for sale. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be right with you.

Legal Advocacy 

BTC can assist you with advocacy services when it comes to understanding and invoking your rights under the law.

Office Essentials 

BTC offers ways for you to print professionally. We also offer conference rooms for meetings and gatherings if your ever in need of space. Our prices are outlined on the flyer.

Property Acquisition

BTC offers our Home Rental and Purchase Program – No Credit, No Collateral, No Character Assessments – we invite potential homebuyers to submit an application showing their ability to pay and we will structure a purchase agreement that fits their situation.

Home Acquisition

The BTC Home and Property Purchase Program offers you the perfect solution for finding an affordable housing option or the opportunity to buy an unimproved lot with utilities in place so you can build your dream home at a much lower price than traditional options provide.


The program goal is to give at risk job seekers a life changing opportunity to obtain general construction knowledge including paid on the job training and mentoring that will provide a foundation for a career in the construction industry.





  Until now, 2 students have been accepted in this program, the have a glance over here first one being accepted in september