Orientation Introduction into BTC Building Brighter Futures Programs and Services:

  • Attended Orientation Starting in November 2006 to April 2014 = 2,612*
  • Completed Workshop Since November 2006 to November 2007= 350*
  • Active participants as of Jan. 1, 2007 = 1,743*

Housing Services

  • Rented Properties to felons, or hard to serve population to date: 42*
  • BTC Owner Financed/Lease Purchase Home Ownership: 28*
  • BTC “No 3C’s Home Ownership Program” created new homeowners: 15*

Transportation Services

  • Reduced Bus Fare and One Ride Pass Assistance: 560
  • Auto Purchase Program Participants: 12

Program Services Impact

  • BTC Building Brighter Futures actively refers to over 39 social services agencies across counties within the Kansas City metropolitan area (MO / KS)
  • Percentage of participants employed, entered GED training, Commenced criminal expungement process, utilized other felon friendly community resources, and received increase awareness of felony conviction rights and limitations within 3-15 days of attending orientation = 52.6%*
  • Percentage of participants employed within 3-15 days of completing workshop = 81.3%*
  • Criminal Record Expungement Success Rate = 100%
  • Employment retention

   30 Day: 82%*
   60 Day: 75%*
   90 Day: 68%*

  • Average starting salary: $9.25*
  • Enrolled into WIA Approved Programs: 426*
  • Enrolled into GED Training: 386*
  • Retained resources from provided felon friendly community resource list: 672*
  • Percentage of participants that have successfully completed program: 73.2%*
  • Percentage of participants that felt they have benefited or enhanced their lives, or improved employment job search outcomes from attending the orientation, job search workshop, or one-on-one sessions: 100

* denotes all numbers are as of 04/01/2014


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