Our Founder

Patrick F. Danley
     Our Founder and CEO    

Patrick F. Danley is the Founder/CEO of BTC Building Brighter Futures. He designed the employment and life advocacy program to provide services to the At Risk Job Seeker population. BTC is a tool to help reduce and remove career and life barriers commonly faced by At Risk Job Seekers.

Despite being at one point in his life an At Risk Job Seeker overcoming the stigma of an ex-offender, Mr. Danley focused his energies towards becoming more positive and impactful in the lives of his four children and his community.  His journey to self-improvement included graduating from Lincoln University of Missouri with a B.S in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Business Management, Social Work and Psychology.  Mr. Danley went on to become a Certified Associate of Project Management and is currently completing his M.A. in Career Guidance and Counseling.

Having experienced firsthand the uphill battle that poor life choices can lead to, Mr. Danley realized that education and ambition could enhance his life thus leading to a career infused with passion for the disenfranchised population.  He served in various counseling and leadership positions in the workforce and social service sectors for organizations such as Rape Crisis Center, IAM CARES, Goodwill Vocational Services, Full Employment Council, and Catholic Charities before opening the doors of BTC in 2006.  As CEO, Mr. Danley continues to be an advocate not only for ex-offenders but other at risk job seekers such as veterans, homeless, HIV/AIDS, former substance abusers, undereducated, and historically poverty stricken populations.  His outreach includes serving on various committees, performing business consultation for other non-profit agencies, and conducting speaking engagements. Mr. Danley works diligently with community and faith based agencies, churches, workforce development staff, elected officials, and public/private sector business owners within the Kansas City metropolitan area in an effort to form alliances to expand the services and resources available to the at risk job seeker.

Through BTC Building Brighter Futures, Mr. Danley uses his life passion to show the masses that through positive energy and purposeful actions one can attain greater rewards and create a pathway of hope and success.

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